First Days: 4th Grade, 2nd Grade, Kindergarten

Welp...hi there. It's the first official day of fall, so I figured I'd better get these first day of school pictures up on the blog! My poor, forgotten blog. School actually began almost a full month ago, so clearly I am behind schedule! My excuse is that I also started school this year (back to teaching!). It shames me to say that nothing my kids wore on the first day was handmade. I had noble plans. I had patterns and fabric. I put them in a bin and reminded myself every so often that I had to do it before school started...and then, school started. And the cat started napping in the bin of fabric.

Anyway! Clara is now a 4th grader. Complete with crazy emotions and hard homework. (Compare: third grade, second grade, first grade, kindergarten)

Oliver is now 8 and in 2nd grade. He insisted that I chose this photo for his 2nd grade memories. (See his first grade and kindergarten memories.)

And...my baby girl, Ruthie, started kindergarten! I thought I would be emotional about it, but really we were all ready! She is loving it, has several "best friends" and informs me she "isn't shy at school."

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