Fall has come, knitting has resumed

Blogging is funny. Every day I read other people's blogs and feel guilty for not updating my own, despite the fact that only about five people know this blog exists. Silly. Life has gotten busy, which happens every fall. Oliver turned one year old, so there was all that to take care of, then the preschool, extra-curriculars, evening commitments...it adds up. I haven't stopped knitting, but I have slowed down. I also have a bounty of produce to preserve and I have a pretty bad baking itch thanks to the blustery days we are having.

My to-knit list:
~ hats for the kids. I'm using this awesome pattern from Knitty.
~ mittens to match said hats.
~ finish Clara's sweater vest (1/2 done, put on hold for the moment to crank out the hats and mittens because apparently they need them ASAP!)
~ baby presents for my oodles of pregnant friends.

I also have a goal to only use stash yarn for my projects. We'll see how that goes.

Some recent pictures: