and a wee little bonnet to match

Bonnet pattern here.
Baptism dress pattern here


Baptism Gown

Guess what? I've been knitting. This little dress is for a friend's baby. The matching bonnet is almost done as well. Isn't it darling?

Other than that, though, I am afraid I have been in a crafty funk. Phooey. I need to snap out of it.

Today is Earth Day and I was thinking last night about my small green contributions to the earth. I have been cloth diapering for five and a half years, straight through three children. Let's think on that for a minute, because it is impressive and exhausting to think of. Yes, cloth is more work, but I feel it has been totally worth it. I do use disposables sometimes - when we are out for a long period of time and I can't change the baby, or when there is a babysitter, and sometimes when I am not caught up with the diaper laundry and run out of clean ones. (Ha!) But still, I am happy to know that I have contributed a little less to the landfills than perhaps the average mother of three. 

There are other things I do as well, little things that I hope add up, but the diapers are probably my biggest impact. 

All that to say, Happy Earth Day! I hope you try to make it greener as well.


Two Shirts

We had a busy Easter. Three egg hunts, more candy than the kids could ever eat, and lots of fun with family. I did make Oliver an Easter shirt, but he, alas, is three and strongly opinionated. He didn't like it, so we ended up with a Target shirt instead. *sigh*

I kind of like its retro bowler shirt feel. Maybe I can convince him to wear it some other time. I used the Henry Shirt pattern from the book Sewing for Boys. The collar, though, must have a pattern error, because I made it twice and both times it was much too short for the neckline.

I also finished up a shirt for myself that has been in the half-sewn pile for months. It's a Lisette pattern - the Market blouse. I love how it turned out. It was a tad shorter than I wanted, so I added about 5" on at the end and rotated the fabric so the diamonds were opposite from the body. I love it!

That's all for now! Next is a knitting project that should have been done last weekend. Have a great one!


What I Learned on My Knitting Retreat

1. Don't wear a bright green jacket to a small town unless you want to be noticed.

2. Very little knitting will occur on a knitting retreat.

3. Just order a round of vodka tonics. And keep them coming. I mean, honestly.

4. Egg cups are hard to come by.

5. Just because you have a GPS doesn't mean you won't get lost. Every time you leave the B&B.

6. If you are following a diet, it's gonna go out the window for a few days.

7. When you say that you are coming with friends for a knitting retreat, the B&B owner will think you are 60 years old.

8. Taco pizza. It's wonderful.

9. The weatherman lies.

10.  Glitter nail polish is worth the $8.00. (And would've been better with matching fake eyelashes.)

Obviously there were some important life lessons to be gleaned. Until next year, girls!