summer fun

I made my first project with Mod Podge this past week. A big glittery N for the wall, once we paint and get some canvas photos hung on it.

It still needs another couple coats, I think, but you get the idea. It is just Mod Podge with some extra fine glitter I had mixed in. The N is cardboard and I got it at Joann's for like $2.

We started the Summer Fun jar this week. Clara has been SO excited for it. Every day we draw a slip of paper out and do what it says.

Today's task was...TREASURE HUNT! The kids love treasure hunts. Typically I will draw a map that they follow, but today I wrote ten clues, each clue leading to the next, and then an X marks the spot at the last clue. The treasure? Mango gummies from Trader Joe's. :)

I realize it's technically still spring, but we are done with all scheduled activities and so we've declared it Summer.


I am almost done with the 1950s pinafore for Ruthie. I just have to hem it. It was quite the project. Let's just say that pattern instructions have really changed since then. I had no idea what it was talking about, so I just did my own thing. That will be in a post to come. Happy Wednesday-feels-like-Thursday to you all.


vintage patterns + trims

My mom surprised me with a bag of vintage patterns from the 1950s from my grandma and step-grandma. Wow, what an awesome gift! Thanks, Mom! Here are a few of my favorites. Sorry the photos are all sideways. Someone please tell me how to rotate my photos in blogger!

This one says "Designed for CHUBBIES." Really??

A little party dress.

Sun dress for playing!

I could totally rock this look.

Itty bitty baby patterns.

Not only did I get patterns, but I also got two giant boxes of vintage trims, ric-rac, and lace!  This photo is only one box. The other was chock full of lace.

Here are two of my favorites:

This is the pattern I am going to work on this weekend. A little pinafore for Ruthie.

I already have a fabric in mind. The best part is the pattern pieces are already cut for me. I can think of nothing more fitting for memorial day than working on one of my grandmother's sewing patterns. Have a great weekend!


Tutti Frutti Skirt

I whipped this skirt up yesterday during the baby's nap. It was quick and easy and the fabric only cost me 88¢. Score!

I followed this tutorial, but all in one material obviously. Maybe I should get a prize for fastest use of a tutorial - this one was posted yesterday and I used it immediately. Well timed!

This is Clara after her preschool "graduation" performance. Now she's moving on to Kindergarten. Wow, time moves quickly!


late spring makings

We've been vacationing up at Lake Superior this last week, but before we left, I got a custom order for a baby cocoon. I rewrote my pattern a little bit to continue the cables through the decrease - look for a pattern update sometime this week.

I also got this little gem from 1975. Oooh yeah. I think I am going to mix it up a little bit though...maybe to mimic this cutie.

 (sideways picture. blogger changed and I don't like it/can't figure it out. "new and easier" my foot.)

Other things:

Inspired by my crafty neighbor, I am making some faux-canvas prints for my walls. My home decor is seriously sad stuff...time for a mini remodel.

Scored some sweet clearance fabrics for shorts for Clara & Oliver and a vintage-style print for a dress/tunic for Ruthie. This is a crummy picture because the fabrics don't match each other in any way but our internet is being slow and I don't want to upload three photos. Ha.

I'm also thinking hard about my curtains. Very hard. I think a change might be coming soon. Also my family room needs new paint. Someone come pick a color for me.

Curtains. Summer clothes. Decor. And maybe a new bonnet or two is on the horizon for the shop. Also it seems like everyone I know is pregnant. This is the first even-yeared summer that I am NOT pregnant. Strange. But I still want to make baby things. So beware if you are pregnant - you will get stuff from me.

Did you notice it's almost June? One week left of preschool and then the schedule is wiiiide open for the entire summer. Anyone want a playdate with this cute thing and her siblings?


crafty times with little girls

Our little tea party/craft time was really fun. It ended up being a much smaller group, but still nice to craft together.

We discovered my friend Gilda's daughter L has a hidden embroidering talent. She caught on sooo fast, it was amazing. Gilda took all the pictures, because, in true form, my battery was dead. See all her pictures and details here. There's even a bonus pic of Ruthie eating the leftover cake. 

The girls (5 years and 6 years) embroidered their first initials and the mamas embroidered sleepy time animals. I turned mine into a little pillow for Clara. 

She chose to hang her fancy C on her bedroom wall. 

This week I have lofty goals for a ruffle jumper for Clara, a baby doll top and some leggings for Ruthie, and a skirt for myself. Fingers crossed I get at least one of them done. 


catching up

I'm still here, promise! Just taking a little blogging break. I know you've been dying to know what I'm up to (right??), so here's the rundown.

I made a "date night" shirt last week out of a thrifted (new) curtain (total cost, $2!). It turned out cute, but then our date was too cold to wear it. In fact, we pulled out the winter gear to walk around a lake.

Oh right, there's also a new camera strap in those pictures. :)

Currently knitting a little raglan top for Ruthie. This is my third attempt to use this yarn in my stash - I have frogged two other projects with it. Third time's the charm?

Of course, it was May Day, and we brought baskets to the neighbors. We made cake pops and cut some lilies of the valley from the garden as well.

Speaking of gardens, my lettuce is ripe and ready to eat! My peas, on the other hand, died a sad, cold death. I have some more seedlings to plant, too.

I'm hosting a craft afternoon (crafternoon) with a couple friends and their 5/6 year old daughters on Sunday, and we are going to learn how to embroider. It will also be a little tea party. I'll try to remember to document the afternoon for the blog.

Turning my Christmas wreath into a summer wreath, one colorful felt flower at a time.

Starting a teeny tiny blanket out of 2" squares.

I chopped my hair off today. I was getting tired of it - long and frizzy and somewhere in between curly and straight. It was getting damaged from using the flat iron all the time. So...I learned that I am really bad at cutting my hair. Ha. I'll be paying someone to fix it for me this weekend.

Until next time.