crafty times with little girls

Our little tea party/craft time was really fun. It ended up being a much smaller group, but still nice to craft together.

We discovered my friend Gilda's daughter L has a hidden embroidering talent. She caught on sooo fast, it was amazing. Gilda took all the pictures, because, in true form, my battery was dead. See all her pictures and details here. There's even a bonus pic of Ruthie eating the leftover cake. 

The girls (5 years and 6 years) embroidered their first initials and the mamas embroidered sleepy time animals. I turned mine into a little pillow for Clara. 

She chose to hang her fancy C on her bedroom wall. 

This week I have lofty goals for a ruffle jumper for Clara, a baby doll top and some leggings for Ruthie, and a skirt for myself. Fingers crossed I get at least one of them done. 

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  1. You already made the pillow! wozas, you're SUPER crafty mama!