Oliver's Cardigan - DONE! And on to the next.

I finished it last night and of course resisted the urge to wake him up to try it on him. It seems pretty perfect on him--the sleeves are a little long, which is exactly what I wanted so he has room to grow into it. This was an easy no-seam pattern and I would definitely make it again!

Next up is chunky toddler mittens for my little kittens. I have oodles of chunky wool laying around and must use it. I am forbidding myself from buying new yarn for a project for at least a month.


Much Better

Tada! Still not quite perfect (I didn't get to block them yet), but much better.


I did a bad thing.

Sweaters and hats are on hold for a bit as I whip up a little gift for my big sis. They are called Mama Janes. A cute little slipper. Or, er, it's supposed to be cute. 

Except when you are a spacey mama who wasn't paying attention to the toe placement. *sigh* Then, it looks like this:

But isn't the yarn pretty? It's Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend and it's divine.

I'm not sure what happened. It serves me right for knitting a crucial part while entertaining two children. But then I didn't even catch it until it was too late. Guess this wonky one will be a dishrag or just a gauge swatch. Hopefully attempt #2 is more successful.

I'll end this sad little blog with a photo of Clara's rainy day collages. The sun is shining now and I hear Oliver stirring from his nap. Such is life.


Raglan Sweater & Hat for Baby and Toddler Kimono

Since we got a new camera I am all about taking pictures! So here are a couple projects I finished up recently but never got photos of until now.

First is a pretty baby shower present for my good friend due this fall. She's having a boy but I wanted to stay away from blue. I thought this dark gray was nice and oh so squishy soft. It's Debbie Bliss Rialto Aran and I love it! The sweater pattern is from her Baby Knits for Beginners book and the hat was my own made up pattern. 

The pink kimono is for Clara. It was a fast, east knit on chunky needles with some OOAK yarn dyed by my friend Leidy at Western Sky Knits. I am a bit disappointed in how the kimono looks on her, though. Too boxy, I think. Or maybe it's just because it's short sleeved. Who knows. 

I am almost finished with Oliver's stripy cardigan and then I think I will take a break from sweaters and whip up some earflap hats and mittens for the rascals.


Oliver's Fall Cardigan

My current list of projects is ridiculous. The to-knit list includes sweaters for both kids, a hanging baby pouch for someone, hats and mittens for the whole family, slippers for Clara and Oliver, and two baby sweaters for gifts. My wrists hurt just thinking about it. 

Anyway, the first item is for Oliver. The poor guy is almost never #1 on my list, thanks to the ever-demanding toddler in the house. I found this pattern on The Brown Stitch and thought it would be perfect for the fall. The pattern doesn't have a size listed large enough for The Jumbo Shrimp, as Ben and I like to call him, so I am improvising a 2T version. I hope it turns out okay. I am in love with the stripes. Ben happened to be with when I was buying yarn, so this manly color scheme is his choosing. More later.


Getting Crafty

Welcome. I decided to start a little blog world dedicated to my craft of choice, knitting. Feel free to knit along with me.