Oliver's Fall Cardigan

My current list of projects is ridiculous. The to-knit list includes sweaters for both kids, a hanging baby pouch for someone, hats and mittens for the whole family, slippers for Clara and Oliver, and two baby sweaters for gifts. My wrists hurt just thinking about it. 

Anyway, the first item is for Oliver. The poor guy is almost never #1 on my list, thanks to the ever-demanding toddler in the house. I found this pattern on The Brown Stitch and thought it would be perfect for the fall. The pattern doesn't have a size listed large enough for The Jumbo Shrimp, as Ben and I like to call him, so I am improvising a 2T version. I hope it turns out okay. I am in love with the stripes. Ben happened to be with when I was buying yarn, so this manly color scheme is his choosing. More later.

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