I spy with my little eye

something fast, cheap, and quiet.

start: two underwear packages (Clara chose Thomas the Train and Hello Kitty), a cup or so of rice, a piece of felt, and cheap trinkets/junk.

finish: I Spy Packets for *hopefully* quiet play times.

total time: 5 minutes.

The sewing is not superb, there is not enough room or rice, but I think my kids won't notice the difference.


summer crafting

Today is June first! Unofficially summertime here in Minnesota. I have been busy with the yard, the kids, the season finale of Chuck (awesome), and general busy life. Happily things are slowing down now and we have almost no agenda for the entire summer.

Crafty things:

Lawn swing. I wish I had a before picture so you could see how hideous it was. Rusted white, no cushions at all, a squirrel-chewed blanket thrown over the top. Disgusting. I sewed some cushions, got the husband to paint it a lovely shade of leafy green, and voila! Better than new.

Sun dress for the girl. This was my impulse craft last night. I got the lavender eyelet fabric for a steal ($3 for two yards!), so felt the need to use it immediately. The pattern is Oliver + S. Love it. I haven't been able to get it on my model yet, but hopefully I will shortly.

Here's my vegetable garden. Let me tell you, it is hard on this pregnant woman to bend over to plant seeds. Luckily my husband was around to help. (I am not sure why my kids' flag is at half-mast.)

And here is a photo of my husky little man, sporting some underwear (nope, he's not trained, but he wants to be in undies like big sister).

I am currently knitting/crocheting some hats for a photographer friend of mine. Pictures will come soon. Time to go kick back with my feet in the kiddie pool.