friendship + presents

Every year, my knitting girls and I get together for a handmade Christmas brunch. We eat out (cuz no one wants to cook!) and bring handmade gifts for each other. It is quite lovely. 

photo by Gilda - I had to include it because for once I don't look like a goon! That is one of my gifts, all wrapped up and ready to give. 
I had a hard time deciding what to make this year, but I ended on something that meant friendship to me in 4th grade (1987, yo!) and still means it today (in a more grown-up way): friendship bracelets! These got updated by using bulky yarns and a few more mature color schemes, but the meaning is the same: I love my friends!

The other goodies that were made included:

a knit jar cozy candle holder
homemade nutella
homemade marshmallows
fabric coin purse
adorable yarn-and-needles ornament
hot cocoa mix

Geez, did I score on loot! These girls are awesome friends. Big kisses all around (but not really, because my kid has strep and I don't want to spread any germs).

next time, someone tell me to sit up straight! :)

My friendship bracelet inspiration was found here, in case you want to make your own. Merry Christmas!


Over A Month Since I Last Posted

And all I have to show for it is this wonky little pillow. :)

Actually, that's not true, but the gifts I have been making are a secret, so no posts for them! Really I haven't been crafting much. Just enjoying life with my little family instead. Clara turned six midNovember and we had a great day at the Mall of America together, followed by a grandparent party that night. 

at MOA

me and my six year old!

family movie night
 Last Saturday, Oliver talked Ben into having a bonfire in the backyard. Oliver then proceeded to fall into the fire and we spent the rest of the day at Urgent Care. He has second degree burns on the palm and wrist of his right hand. We had a follow up appointment today and it is healing fine, no infections thank God, and we have to keep it wrapped for quite a bit longer. One fortunate thing is that even though it was horrible pain the first day, he doesn't seem bothered by it at all anymore. He's a tough one. 

decorating our little tree

crazy toddler blur

That's about all for an update! Hopefully I will be back to regular crafting soon, but first I think I ought to clean and organize the basement - ugh!