Over A Month Since I Last Posted

And all I have to show for it is this wonky little pillow. :)

Actually, that's not true, but the gifts I have been making are a secret, so no posts for them! Really I haven't been crafting much. Just enjoying life with my little family instead. Clara turned six midNovember and we had a great day at the Mall of America together, followed by a grandparent party that night. 

at MOA

me and my six year old!

family movie night
 Last Saturday, Oliver talked Ben into having a bonfire in the backyard. Oliver then proceeded to fall into the fire and we spent the rest of the day at Urgent Care. He has second degree burns on the palm and wrist of his right hand. We had a follow up appointment today and it is healing fine, no infections thank God, and we have to keep it wrapped for quite a bit longer. One fortunate thing is that even though it was horrible pain the first day, he doesn't seem bothered by it at all anymore. He's a tough one. 

decorating our little tree

crazy toddler blur

That's about all for an update! Hopefully I will be back to regular crafting soon, but first I think I ought to clean and organize the basement - ugh!


  1. For what it's worth, I thought your basement was nice and tidy.

    1. That is nice to hear. But I know the truth: it was dark and you were drunk. :D