two baby hats

Baby hats for charity. Easy, sweet, hopefully helpful.


state fair sweater in action

Alas, no blue ribbons. Or any ribbons, for that matter. But my sweater was on display, so I got to walk by it and brag to strangers. (not really)

I scored a 92/100, which is "very good" on a scale from Excellent to Very Good to Good to Needs  Improvement. Maybe next year, right? It doesn't matter much to this girl. She is happy to have an orange sweater.


Little Rain Cloud

Meet Drippy, the rain cloud.

 Sometimes I just need to make a completely random project. I used this pattern, but it's fabric on the back (no photo of that) and I didn't felt it.

Makes me happy. :)


Winter Hat #1

And so winter hat knitting season begins. I made the I ❤ pompoms pattern, but decreased the width and length to make it almost-six-year-old appropriate. It's cute. I kind of want my own.

Next up is a hat for Ruthie, then Oliver, then myself! Better hurry, it's getting chilly out there. Brr!


three shirts

freezer paper stencil:


 raw-edge raglan:



Oh man. A rough week for this full-time mama.

My baby girl went off to Kindergarten!

Thanks to Pinterest and friends for the idea. I love it! I had a different one on Facebook but forgot to add what she wants to be when she grows up!

Ruthie photo bombed.

Down the hall she goes!

Every class starts the day with breakfast together--every day! For free. I love it.

Waiting to pick up big sister.

Dairy Queen lunch to celebrate!

Kindergarten is a big deal! I had to make her a dress for the first day. I used this pattern, which was SO easy and fast - it literally was only three pieces and came together in 30 minutes. I see many many more cowl dresses in my future. I'm thinking I need to make one with knit fabric with sleeves. Perfect for winter! Plus the pattern was for infant through size 14, so very versatile.

So grown up!

Clara's favorite color is purple and she loves flowers, so purple flower power fabric called her by name. Sniff. She looks so old to me now.


bridesmaid dress

Please don't notice that the bodice is too big, the skirt is too short, and the hem is crooked. Thank you. :)