marshmallows and an earflap hat

Today I walked to the grocery store with the kids for baking powder. Apparently it was the day of strangers wanting to talk with me (this happens more often than I like).

First, the guy at the corn stand on the corner asked me why I didn't just shop there instead of at the store. Um...last I checked, you only sell produce. I need baking powder.

Second, some lady stopped me and said, "Hey, you're a mom, right?" (No, no, these children just followed me here). She continued, "It has been a while since I had little ones. Can you tell me where the marshmallows are?" This struck me as so strange. Do adult people without small children NOT buy marshmallows?? Horrible thought, a life without fluffy marshmallows. I hope I never come to that.

Anyway. My craft break is over. I made this hat. It's for a charity benefit a friend asked me to donate some items for. I'm not sure what else I will be contributing. I have to peruse my stash and see what I've got.

Thanks for stopping by. Cheers!


craft funk

I thought I would just drop a quick note here to tell you I am still around! I am just in a crafty funk right now...I mean, it's been like a week since I've made anything! That is a big deal around here. There are a few ideas floating around in my head, but my main focus for the next couple months will be birthday parties! All three of my kids have fall birthdays, so there is a lot that I try to plan ahead, to save myself last-minute stress. I need to get that dinosaur sweater off my needles before Oliver's birthday mid-September, so that will be my first priority. Anyway, I will post more when I have something exciting to talk about. Cheers!


whales and gas and how cars determine social status

I have a kick-butt car. It's a Volvo. And it rocks. It can fit five kids and two adults. (Not that I need to fit five kids.) Except, the gas cap cover thing fell off on the freeway during that very hot spell of weather we had.

Hello, a new one is like $800 or something. Not exactly in our budget. So...without further ado, meet the gas cap cover.

It cost me $4.00 (the cost of the 3M Command strips I used to hold it up). The fabrics are scraps. Best part--it's reversible! Ha. Thrifty AND inventive. All the other Volvo wagon drivers will be so jealous. It is funny, my car before this was a Honda Civic. I loved that Honda and felt it really 'fit' with my personality, if you know what I mean? But this Volvo, while awesome, has a different class of person driving it than I am. When I drive it, I feel rich. Just send the Nanny around to unbuckle the kids, please. I'm heading out for a manicure.

Really, though, I felt a little trashy with my gas cap exposed for the world to see.

As promised, I made whale pants for Oliver.

It was a little tricky without any pattern. I traced a loose-ish pair of his pants and used that as my template, then added cuffs and a waistband. He loves them, as you can see.



I had my friend Ali take pictures of Ruthie. Really, they were supposed to be 9 month pictures, but she was ten months old by the time I got around to scheduling them. Oops. Here is the ruffled shirt and headband.

And here is Ruthie lovin' a piece of watermelon (her favorite!).

And then my friend Jessica was looking for some models for her new birthday backdrops she is selling, so I jumped to get some more free pictures from one of her staff who is also a photographer, Amanda. Have I mentioned I am shameless? I brought all the new stuff I made.

Here is Clara in her new dress and matching hair clip.

And Oliver in his new vest.

And Ruthie in her first birthday dress and headband(we are just pretending she is one...really, baby, stay little forever, mmkay?).



You've got to feel bad for little boys. There is a serious lack of cuteness in their wardrobes. Also a lack of patterns to sew them cute things. I did find a free vest pattern that I used to make this for Oliver.

It's reversible.

He was so excited, he wore it and pet it and told me he LOVED it. I must make him more clothes! This vest was very fast and easy. It was my first buttonhole! I was so nervous about making a buttonhole for some reason, but it was simple as long as I followed my machine manual. Nothing to get stressed about.

Next I have some whale fabric to make him pants. I am eyeing an Oliver + S pattern, but not sure if I want to spend $16 on it...someone convince me.

There will be action shots coming soon. I shamelessly brought all handmade clothes for my kids for a recent photoshoot....shameless, I say!


Sweet Dress

I bought the Sweet Dress pattern from Leila & Ben. So easy and SO cute. Here is Clara's new dress. I have plans for Ruthie, too. I have been really into apple fabric lately, can you tell?

I have enough leftover fabric to make Oliver some pants. Poor guy keeps asking me what I am making him. Actually, I AM making him something...a dinosaur sweater!

Not my picture, but the one that comes with the pattern. This is what it will look like when it's done, but in green, light blue and light orange.