I had my friend Ali take pictures of Ruthie. Really, they were supposed to be 9 month pictures, but she was ten months old by the time I got around to scheduling them. Oops. Here is the ruffled shirt and headband.

And here is Ruthie lovin' a piece of watermelon (her favorite!).

And then my friend Jessica was looking for some models for her new birthday backdrops she is selling, so I jumped to get some more free pictures from one of her staff who is also a photographer, Amanda. Have I mentioned I am shameless? I brought all the new stuff I made.

Here is Clara in her new dress and matching hair clip.

And Oliver in his new vest.

And Ruthie in her first birthday dress and headband(we are just pretending she is one...really, baby, stay little forever, mmkay?).

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  1. Gorgeous! You have amazingly cute babies.
    Thanks for having me take pictures for you. <3