You've got to feel bad for little boys. There is a serious lack of cuteness in their wardrobes. Also a lack of patterns to sew them cute things. I did find a free vest pattern that I used to make this for Oliver.

It's reversible.

He was so excited, he wore it and pet it and told me he LOVED it. I must make him more clothes! This vest was very fast and easy. It was my first buttonhole! I was so nervous about making a buttonhole for some reason, but it was simple as long as I followed my machine manual. Nothing to get stressed about.

Next I have some whale fabric to make him pants. I am eyeing an Oliver + S pattern, but not sure if I want to spend $16 on it...someone convince me.

There will be action shots coming soon. I shamelessly brought all handmade clothes for my kids for a recent photoshoot....shameless, I say!

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  1. Hey awesome! $16 is just if you think you can sew multiple outfits from it. Can't wait to see! -Laura