Clara Clothes

Hi there. I bet you thought I was going the way of so many other blogs out there and abandoning ship. Not so, my friends. I am just lazy. Or, if you want, doing better things with my time. ;)

You know what's funny? I get hundreds of hits every day from my two knitting patterns on here. I even had someone ask if they could teach a class using my cabled mini scarf pattern! I find it all amusing, since this is a very part-time hobby for me. Extra-very-part-time hobby as of late. Sorry. I've been a slacker. I'll try to be better in the future. The truth is that I have been doing very little crafting. Well, I mean...I did replace a coat zipper for my father in law, but no picture (that would have been super exciting, I know).

Clara has been the recipient of my random spurts of creativity. I made her a warm and cozy microfleece cowl dress.

Her school had a Valentine's Day Sock Hop dance, and the theme for it was 1950s style. The school is in its 60th year - it was founded in 1952. So here is what I came up with (at the very last minute, because I am a procrastinator).

The cardigan is the one I knit her this summer, and I made a faux-collar for her, because they do NOT sell plain, white collared shirts for little girls. Anywhere. Seriously, what the heck? Then I made a basic circle skirt and embellished it with a white heart, since it was V-day and all. 

And that's that. I am dreaming of spring and Easter dresses. I have the fabric and patterns. I just need to get to them!

Hope you are crafting more than I am.


February Thoughts

Well, here we are in February. The groundhog saw his shadow, which apparently is a good thing for those who dislike winter. I have been busy, but I'm not sure with what. Oh, I watched the first two seasons of Downton Abbey. Yeah, that was a huge commitment. And obviously WAY more important than, say, cleaning the bathrooms.

Quick and easy fleece cowl. (blurry) Photo by Clara
I am looking for a part-time job. Preferably very part time. I have been 100% at home with my kids for the last six years. It's been great, and hard, and fun. I am going to keep doing it, but I want to add a little something more into life;  I am ready to use my brain in another way, too.

My  mom crocheted Valentine's Day ponchos for the girls. Super cute! 
 Honestly, I haven't been crafting much. Partly I think it's because my sewing machine is in the basement and it has been c-o-l-d out. Too cold to want to do anything in the basement. I have been knitting a little bit. A very little bit.

someone likes CHEESE!

We made a heart walk - like a cake walk but if you land on the heart when the music stops, you get a kiss. 

I scored this kid's drum set at Goodwill for $14.47. What a deal! We are on our way to family band status. Clara plays the piano pretty well for a six year old, and Oliver is already smitten with the drumming bug. We'll see what Ruthie decides on - there is a trombone, violin, and a guitar available for her. :) First though, she needs to learn to use that dang potty. We are almost there.

Until next time.