Little Diaper Clutch

Now that my youngest is steering away from diapers, I got around to making a diaper clutch. :) I saw this in my Google Reader this morning and just had to make one right away. The tutorial and PDF (free!) is from here

I went to the fabric store and got a vinyl remnant for $2. I already had the button, so it was a fast, satisfying and cheap project. Look out if you are a pregnant friend, you will be getting one of these from me. Did I mention this was no sew!?  Quite possibly a perfect little project.

I suppose I can fill it with spare undies and pants for Ruthie, since that is what I will need to carry around in the next few weeks. Potty training is SO fun.


January Makings

Happy new year! To ring it off, we let our kids stay up as late as they could, which ended up being quite late. So late, in fact, that we got sick of them and pretended it was midnight at 11pm. Shh, don't tell them!

Random things you may not know about me:
1. I make the bed(s) every morning. Even when I am on vacation!
2. I eat two eggs every day, usually for lunch.
3. I prefer my chocolate dark. Like, really. 90% dark.
4. I spend more money on groceries than anything else.
5. I make resolutions every new year, and sadly this year's are almost identical to last year's.

Well, enough about me. This little mustard number is a cabled mini scarf for my lovely sister-in-law. I am also sewing myself a dress - this one - in (boring) gray stripes.

I also had some fun girly craft ideas for the nearby future. I will try to get a little craft tutorial up for that when it happens. Right now, I am knitting a hat for a friend of mine who is starting chemotherapy shortly. I decided to go with my favorite hat pattern, I heart pompoms. I have a lovely alpaca yarn picked out for it.

Until next time,