Cabled Mini Scarf Pattern

My mom found a cowl that she really liked on Craftsy and asked me if I would knit it for her. Of course I said I would! But on Craftsy, they are charging $9.99 for this very simple pattern. Um...what?!? I cannot believe how much people charge for patterns. I looked at the picture a couple of times and came up with my own version. Feel free to save yourself $10 and use mine!

My first attempt, I ran out of yarn, but it is the perfect toddler-sized scarf. I am also including the toddler version in the pattern below.

Cabled Mini Scarf

Sizes - toddler & adult - adult sizes are in parenthesis & really the only difference is the amount of cable repeats you do, to make the length smaller or longer, so you will notice there is no variation in the pattern until the end. Hope that's clear!

Yarn: 1 (2) skeins Bernat Roving or Lion Brand Jiffy Thick & Quick or any other bulky-weight yarn (really the adult version is one skein plus a few extra yards. You will have leftovers!)
Needles: US 11 straight needles
Notions: 1 cable needle, row counter, darning needle for weaving in ends

C12F: Slip 6 stitches onto cable needle. Let hang to front of work. K6 stitches, then K the six stitches off the cable needle.
YO: Yarn over
K2tog: Knit 2 stitches together

CO 26
Edge: K 6 rows

Row 1: K5, P2, K12, P2, K5
Row 2: K7, P12, K7
Row 3: as Row 1
Row 4: as Row 2
Row 5: as Row 1
Row 6: as Row 2
Row 7: as Row 1
Row 8: as Row 2
Row 9: K5, P2, C12F, P2, K5
Row 10: as Row 2

Repeat Rows 1-10 nine (twelve) times, or to desired length.

Form Buttonholes:
Repeat Rows 1-8
Row 9 (buttonhole row): K5, P2, K2, YO, K2tog, K4, K2tog, YO, K2, P2, K5
Row 10: K7, P12, K7

Edge: K 6 rows. Bind off.

Finishing: Sew 2 buttons on opposite edge of buttonholes. Wear and enjoy!

Guess what else? The toddler version shown here is for sale in the shop.

The pattern is now also listed on Ravelry. Cheers!


  1. awesome!!! Link up in ravelry!!!

  2. I LOVE THIS SCARF!!unfortunately I cannot wear it here or I would eb asking you to make me one...Bakula

  3. Found you through Ravelry. I was planning to do the same thing :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. what size buttons fit the buttonholes in the pattern? Thanks!