my nest

I don't have pictures, but I have been redecorating our family room the last few weeks. New throw pillows, new curtains, and turning a coffee table into a cushioned seat. I don't have a nursery to decorate so this is my substitute. I am feeling the crunch now--5 weeks or less until baby arrives!

Our 'master' bedroom has had a closet renovation which will allow us to rearrange our room for the first time ever! I love my 1920s farm house, but it is not very convenient with the slanted ceilings, tiny hallway-esque closets, and poorly used spaces. We are making it work though and hopefully this weekend will be the finishing touches once my husband gets his rear in gear. ;)

I have also been knitting wee little things...

Not sure why it looks red in this photo, but it is a dark orange and white. I was going for a harvest look. Bring on the fall!