random craftings

A new front door calls for a new wreath! Made with twine and felt.

Mod podge, blank canvases, and cheap Costco prints made some faux-fancy canvases for my blank white walls. Although, I have to say, I kind of miss having them empty. :) The idea for this was not mine, but my neighbor's, who got it from good old Pinterest. I would go into details, but Angie does a great job, so I'll just direct you to her blog. Needless to say, it looks pretty impressive and only cost pennies compared to real canvas photos. By the way, the photos are also taken by Angie. We have awesome neighbors, what can I say!

In other news, this little thing decided two and two weeks was a good time to stop napping. Heaven help me.

There have also been other random makings, but they went undocumented. You will survive not knowing, I am sure. In the works currently is a baby sweater for a soon-to-be niece or nephew, and some cloth wipes for his/her mama. I'm also starting to collect materials for a twin-sized quilt for Ruthie. She is proving she is a big girl and wants a big bed! I am thinking I will go with this quilt pattern. It's too sweet.

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