Pattern testing - Aspen Dress

I got the chance to test a sewing pattern for the awesome See Kate Sew! Lucky me! I love everything she makes and her patterns are great. The Aspen dress was a breeze to sew and the final product is just lovely. Clara even likes it, and she has a thing about, as she says, "funny collars." This one is wide enough though that it doesn't bother her. Of course I had to make Ruthie a matching one. I guess now I will need to make Oliver a tie to match. Awww won't they be cute?

I did omit the elastic wristbands on Ruthie's dress because I didn't have enough elastic and didn't want to drag three kids to the store to get some.

Pardon my non-smiling toddler. She has a thing against cameras these days! Grump.

Puppy got a matching bow.


Ruthie's new favorite face. What a goofball.

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