Care Bear Costume

This was a very fast, very satisfying project. 

Clara is often called "Clare-bear" as a nickname and so this year she decided to be a Care Bear for Halloween. Do you know, they don't sell those costumes anywhere (except in Japan apparently and also for lots of mulah on Ebay). I mean, Care Bears are still a "thing," right? I don't get it. Anyway, no worries here, because I was able to sew one up in an afternoon and only spent $10 on it. Sweet.

This here is Share Bear, chosen by my daughter because she is "the purple one with suckers on her tummy." But! Did you know that: Share Bear helps others to learn about sharing the things they have. She shows that, through her symbol, sharing is caring. (source - thank you Wikipedia for that informative tidbit) Ironically, I would say Clara is the worst at sharing of all my children. Perhaps her choice means she is trying to change? 

Anyway. I went off to find a bear costume pattern. These, too, apparently do not exist. So I went with the next best thing, a monkey pattern. I figured if I move the ears up and shorten the tail - voila! a bear. Yep, it was that easy! Bonus, I got the pattern for $1 at Hancock. The pattern is Simplicity 2068 - lamb and monkey. It is written for very beginner sewers, which happily I no longer am! Ha. I ignored the directions completely and just went with what seemed right. 

I do still need to get a picture of the back side, because the tail and little butt heart are adorable.

Oliver is going to be Spiderman and I bought his costume from good ole Menards (a $29.99 costume for $7.99! Score!) and Ruthie will be her cow or another random hand-me-down costume. She's easy like that. Now apparently I am off to make my big brother a Good Luck Bear costume. How to scale the pattern for a 6'3" man?? Stay tuned!

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