Winter Rue

Well, I am sort of striking out on the winter hats so far. Clara's is "too itchy" apparently and Ruthie's is too large. I mean, it fits Oliver perfectly, and I think his head is larger than mine. Whoops. At least I know she will grow into it.  

 This was a fun and easy knit. I have made a few of these hats before, but this time I omitted the cables and just made it clean and simple, two of my favorite things. This is the toddler+ size, but obviously I should have made the 12-18 month size instead for my peanut.

She's thinking, "How do I get this thing off me?"

A much better fit on Oliver, but he declared it made him look like a girl. I'm pretty sure he could never look like a girl, but whatever. It's not his hat anyway. 

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  1. I am laughing out loud at that last photo of Oliver! The hat + his expression:)