I did a bad thing.

Sweaters and hats are on hold for a bit as I whip up a little gift for my big sis. They are called Mama Janes. A cute little slipper. Or, er, it's supposed to be cute. 

Except when you are a spacey mama who wasn't paying attention to the toe placement. *sigh* Then, it looks like this:

But isn't the yarn pretty? It's Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend and it's divine.

I'm not sure what happened. It serves me right for knitting a crucial part while entertaining two children. But then I didn't even catch it until it was too late. Guess this wonky one will be a dishrag or just a gauge swatch. Hopefully attempt #2 is more successful.

I'll end this sad little blog with a photo of Clara's rainy day collages. The sun is shining now and I hear Oliver stirring from his nap. Such is life.

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