catching up

I'm still here, promise! Just taking a little blogging break. I know you've been dying to know what I'm up to (right??), so here's the rundown.

I made a "date night" shirt last week out of a thrifted (new) curtain (total cost, $2!). It turned out cute, but then our date was too cold to wear it. In fact, we pulled out the winter gear to walk around a lake.

Oh right, there's also a new camera strap in those pictures. :)

Currently knitting a little raglan top for Ruthie. This is my third attempt to use this yarn in my stash - I have frogged two other projects with it. Third time's the charm?

Of course, it was May Day, and we brought baskets to the neighbors. We made cake pops and cut some lilies of the valley from the garden as well.

Speaking of gardens, my lettuce is ripe and ready to eat! My peas, on the other hand, died a sad, cold death. I have some more seedlings to plant, too.

I'm hosting a craft afternoon (crafternoon) with a couple friends and their 5/6 year old daughters on Sunday, and we are going to learn how to embroider. It will also be a little tea party. I'll try to remember to document the afternoon for the blog.

Turning my Christmas wreath into a summer wreath, one colorful felt flower at a time.

Starting a teeny tiny blanket out of 2" squares.

I chopped my hair off today. I was getting tired of it - long and frizzy and somewhere in between curly and straight. It was getting damaged from using the flat iron all the time. So...I learned that I am really bad at cutting my hair. Ha. I'll be paying someone to fix it for me this weekend.

Until next time.