late spring makings

We've been vacationing up at Lake Superior this last week, but before we left, I got a custom order for a baby cocoon. I rewrote my pattern a little bit to continue the cables through the decrease - look for a pattern update sometime this week.

I also got this little gem from 1975. Oooh yeah. I think I am going to mix it up a little bit though...maybe to mimic this cutie.

 (sideways picture. blogger changed and I don't like it/can't figure it out. "new and easier" my foot.)

Other things:

Inspired by my crafty neighbor, I am making some faux-canvas prints for my walls. My home decor is seriously sad stuff...time for a mini remodel.

Scored some sweet clearance fabrics for shorts for Clara & Oliver and a vintage-style print for a dress/tunic for Ruthie. This is a crummy picture because the fabrics don't match each other in any way but our internet is being slow and I don't want to upload three photos. Ha.

I'm also thinking hard about my curtains. Very hard. I think a change might be coming soon. Also my family room needs new paint. Someone come pick a color for me.

Curtains. Summer clothes. Decor. And maybe a new bonnet or two is on the horizon for the shop. Also it seems like everyone I know is pregnant. This is the first even-yeared summer that I am NOT pregnant. Strange. But I still want to make baby things. So beware if you are pregnant - you will get stuff from me.

Did you notice it's almost June? One week left of preschool and then the schedule is wiiiide open for the entire summer. Anyone want a playdate with this cute thing and her siblings?

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