What I Learned on My Knitting Retreat

1. Don't wear a bright green jacket to a small town unless you want to be noticed.

2. Very little knitting will occur on a knitting retreat.

3. Just order a round of vodka tonics. And keep them coming. I mean, honestly.

4. Egg cups are hard to come by.

5. Just because you have a GPS doesn't mean you won't get lost. Every time you leave the B&B.

6. If you are following a diet, it's gonna go out the window for a few days.

7. When you say that you are coming with friends for a knitting retreat, the B&B owner will think you are 60 years old.

8. Taco pizza. It's wonderful.

9. The weatherman lies.

10.  Glitter nail polish is worth the $8.00. (And would've been better with matching fake eyelashes.)

Obviously there were some important life lessons to be gleaned. Until next year, girls!


  1. Who knew about the green jacket?!? Small towns are funny.

  2. I think we should all wear green coats next time. It'll be our signature. Great list!

  3. Oh my gosh. I just laughed out loud! Those are all soooooo true!!!! I liked the green coat being the standout. Why blend in?

    Next time, I PROMISE I will get the fake eyelashes. And not encourage the cheap nail polish (mine already came off!)


  4. What am I going to do with this darn cheap nail polish??? This cracked me up! I'm almost done knitting my hat =)

  5. Vodka tonics and egg cups. Sounds like my kind of party! :) Glad you had a fabulous time!

    1. I am tempted to take up knitting just to join your retreat next year. I would even purchase a green coat!

    2. Me too Nancy!

      ~Mary S.