As you may have noticed, I haven't been blogging much. 
I have a good excuse.

Well, three good excuses.

It turns out, life is a lot busier with three kids. 
That doesn't mean I haven't been a crafty mama, 
just that I have been a less-craftier-than-normal mama. 
I did manage quite a few homemade Christmas 
gifts, almost none of which I photographed. 
I sewed new stockings for everyone.
I sewed two hobo bags out of corduroy, 
complete with magnetic snap closures. 
I knit a bracelet with wire and beads.

More recently, I started a spring dress for the baby 
(hopefully to be completed for her dedication in April).

I received an awesome gift of a NookColor, 
and I sewed a little pouch for it.

I am also working on some projects for photographers, 
including a woven baby hammock and newborn twin 
teddy bear hats. (pics of those coming soon)
I am also working on my four year old's quilt, 
which I decided would be with double hourglass squares.
She decided it should be purple.

Also in the works is a tutorial (!!!) for a baby bonnet
I have been making. The first two prototypes were awful, 
but I think I have it now. Stay tuned.
All this to say, I am back into the bloggy world of crafting. 

Thanks for reading and I will post again soon.


  1. Yay! You're back blogging. I've missed you :)

  2. Hey Kristy! These are so cool! You are very talented:)

  3. You have really good lighting in your house - and good stuff to photograph in that lighting.