nap time insanity

(random muppet to start us off)

So...hello there.  Sometimes nap time makes me completely insane. It is rough having three kids at 2:00pm. Ruthie, bless her little chubby baby soul, naps perfectly for two or even three hours every afternoon. Clara I don't even hope for a nap from, as she dropped them like they were hot almost two years ago. She gets an hour and a half of 'quiet time' in her room, where she reads or plays or imagines or bangs on the window to make the neighbor dog bark. Whatever. If she leaves me alone, I am happy. Oliver has napped great until the last month. Now his sole purpose in life seems to be to make me crazy every afternoon and to watch me snap. It's not pretty. He stopped napping. Okay, fine. Quiet time. But he is a 2.5 year old boy who knows not the meaning of silence. Out of his room, mommy puts him back. Out of his room, mommy puts him back. Repeat until mommy loses her mind. 

I digress. My point is that today was a rare napping day for Oliver, so I got a full blissful hour before Clara was done with her quiet time and came to force herself on me. I could have cleaned. I could have made a glorious meal for my family. There were many options, but I randomly chose to sew myself a new spring hat. Do you like it?

I had leftover cotton knit interlock from when I made a moby kind of baby wrap (for 1/3 of the price, might I add). I found this tutorial last fall and decided it was time to use it! I am pretending the bill is supposed to be wonky. I am almost thinking I should change my blog name to Wonky Copycats because that is how I often feel things turn out. I find someone else's talent, I copy it, it turns out wonky, the end. 

Next up, a pettiskirt for Clara.

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