oh goodness

I have not been a very faithful blogger, have I? Well, I have been making lots of stuff, even if I haven't been posting about it. 

First, this little outfit for a friend's fundraiser. Her son has to have three more surgeries this summer, after already having four in the last year due to a non-healing wound. Their medical bills are out of control, so my mom's group is putting together a garage sale and a raffle for her. It is a little elephant cardigan and matching skirt in size 2T. I still need to get buttons for the cardi. I think it's pretty cute! I hope it brings this family a little more money. 

I also made a couple really wonky sleep sacks for Ruthie. I am finally done swaddling her and blankets at this age just scare me. Anyway, they are not photo worthy--just hot pink fleece and poorly installed zippers.

I have also finally started cutting pieces for Clara's quilt. That has taken me long enough! I decided on a snowball quilt. It is going to be very colorful. 

Almost forgot--I made a Nook pouch for my awesome friend Gilda. (she took the picture and I stole it off Facebook). 

More later.

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