Christmas Baking

I jazzed up my nativity scene a bit - my awesome neighbor found the shelter at Target and got it for me (thanks, Angie!). I made little felt crowns for my Wise Men and made a manger for Baby Jesus. Glued some lace wings on my Angel. I felt like my Shepherd needed some sheep - but they kind of ended up scary looking. I might have to redo them.

I just got in the mood to bake, and made my list of goodies for the month.

1. Norwegian sugar cookies (grandma's recipe!)
2. Russian tea cakes
3. dark chocolate cherry cookies
4. gingerbread (for a house - we build one on Christmas day)
5. divinity
6. caramels
7. chocolate-covered cherries (for the neighbors)
8. bullseyes

What are you making this year?


  1. Woah.

    I was just thinking this morning that it will be a "lets skip cookies" kind of season. . . but it might be a "let's skive cookies off of Kristy" kind of season, instead.

  2. I miss your truffles! Peppermint truffles! Can I have the recipe? Sara