Tuesday Thoughts

Having a husband whose love language is words of affirmation is sometimes hard for me. A Facebook friend had posted something she did for her husband's birthday and I thought it would be perfect for Ben. I sat down with the kids and we came up with 33 reasons we love him.

One of my resolutions this year was to bake bread instead of buying store bought. I have always dabbled in homebaked breads, but this year (three months now!), I haven't bought a single loaf of any kind. Not to brag, but I am finally getting the hang of a nice, fluffy loaf. I bake them in two loaf batches, twice a week, slice and freeze until I need them.


By the way, I never realized how upset I would get when my kids don't finish their sandwiches. "Do you know how long it took Mommy to make that bread!? EAT!"

Some of you saw my new Facebook page. Please like it if you want! I posted this little test bunny, and I plan on listing some in my shop by Friday.


And last but not least, I have been working on the test bonnets in various sizes and they will be listed in the shop first thing tomorrow morning. Sizes available will be 3-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-24 months, and 2T-5T.  They will cost $5 and you will have to answer a few questions about the fit on your child. A great deal and very helpful for me! They are all the same two fabrics. It will be first come, first served, so check back for that!


I decided to maybe try to make a little money off my hobby this year. :) Usually I am just giving everything away (and there will still be plenty of that, don't worry!).

Cheers and happy birthday to my sweet husband.


  1. LOVE. LOVE everything. You are so talented! Happy birthday to your hub. Cheers!

  2. I agree with Laura - I love it all! You rock!