Easy No-Slip Tablet/Phone Prop

Honestly, this might not even be worthy of a post, but I was feeling pretty proud of myself when I made this little prop for my tablet, so I thought I'd share. I have a Color Nook and I was finding myself grabbing random household items to hold it up while I emailed or what have you at the dining room table. Eventually, all the things I grabbed would slip and not stay put. Frustrating! Here, friends, is my solution to such a stressful first-world problem. :)

How to Make an Easy, No-Slip Tablet/Phone Prop

You will need:
1 rubber bouncy ball
serrated knife

1. Cut small edge off ball so it doesn't roll (I lopped off about 1/5 of the ball).
2. Prop up your smart device and feel happy that it is staying at the perfect angle.

Happy Tuesday!

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