mamas and papas

(sorry for the blur)
While I was out shlepping my fox masks on boutique owners, I got a request for more softie dolls to stock at Mother Earth Gardens. So, I whipped a few (dozen) up. I decided to make equal amounts of mamas and papas. After all...I like equality. I have never sold the boy version in shops before, and I have a feeling it will be popular. Who knows, it might even result in more sales (get a set!).

I always hate getting started with the doll making process, but it is so satisfying at the end. Each couple is so unique and quirky, and many remind me of people I actually know.

In other news, I am four posts away from my 200th blog post! Isn't that super exciting? I might even have a little giveaway...stay tuned. I promise I will get to #200 before Christmas!

I recently joined the Modern Era and got a smart phone. Well, mostly smart. I have no data plan, so I am WiFi dependent, but that's fine by me. The best part about a smart phone is that I am now officially on Instagram. If you like blurry photos of kids, crafts, and muffins, feel free to follow me and I will follow you! My friend list is dismally small right now. You can find me at @tinkerknits.

And to conclude:

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