Winter Shirt and Pierced Ears

Today I did something for the third time in my life....something that proves I probably shouldn't have done it...I got my ears pierced. I had it first done when I was 15, and then again when I was 20 because the holes had closed up from me not wearing earrings enough. Obviously I have commitment issues with earrings. I didn't think of it again until my oldest got her ears pierced this fall. She wanted to look through all my earrings, and it made me realize I have a lot of nice ones! Maybe I should get those holes reopened. With that in mind, I dug around in my ear yesterday until I got one side reopened (which sounds really gross, I know, but it wasn't horrible, the hole was still in there, it was just the skin that had covered it). But the second side had no hole anymore, so I went to Claire's this morning and got it redone. I didn't cry AND I got a lollypop :-) Score! 

Anyway. I made myself a winter shirt. I don't know where my camera went, so here is a crummy photobooth pic of it. It's the Washi Dress/Tunic pattern that I have made a million times before, but this time I added a long sleeve to it. I love the drape of this fabric. It's like a suiting material and it's heavy but kind of slinky. Perfect for a sort-of-dressy-sort-of-casual shirt.

Can you see my newly re-pierced ear, too? Here's another photobooth of a custom order I recently made. (paper snowflakes by Oliver)

Check back in an hour for the giveaway! Yes, it involves dolls :)