Funky birthday

I am in a knitting funk this week. Cue the whiny voice: I just don't feel like it. Waah. 

That's the thing with knitting; it takes you so far and then leaves you high and dry before enamoring you all over again. Unfortunately I must plug on in this marriage of yarn and needles because Christmas is a'coming and gifts aren't going to knit themselves. 

On another note, Clara, my baby girl, is turning three years old next week. It is so cliche, but time really does go quickly when you have kids. I remember waiting and waiting, as she was five days overdue, sitting on the couch with my feet up, watching TV and knitting itty bitty cloth diaper covers and longies for her. Those five days felt  an eternity, as anyone overdue with a baby will attest. I do believe they were much longer than the next three years would be. Here are some samples of the hand knit lovin' I have bestowed on my girl in her first year of life.

Newborn Clara:
Sleeping with the daisies:
St. Patrick's Day shorties:
Rose soaker:
Crankypants knock-offs (these were actually for someone else but I love them so had to include them): 
First birthday longies:

Happy birthday, Little Bear! You are a spunky little thing and I love it. 

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