Lacy Dress/Tunic Thing: DONE

It's finished! It's finished! I blocked it last night and it looks so cute! A little side note, but blocking is so important. What good is knitting a beautiful project if it looks all wonky and crooked when you are finished? Just get it wet, pin it to a big towel, and let it dry. Then you will have a perfect finished project. Plus, you can tell everyone that you had a block party the night before. (that joke is courtesy of Ben). 

I was starting to think it might never get done, but lo and behold, it did. I think I will stick to projects on larger needles; size three is just kind of torturous. I am wishing I had picked a different green. The olive is a bit murky all knit up. Oh well, no going back now. I need to get some buttons for the back still, too.

My next project is a couple of fruit hats for a friend. Ann Norling's pattern is very smart and satisfying. My agenda is one little raspberry and one little blueberry. 

Those should be a piece of cake to whip up this week and then I will go back to my size three needles for a little pair of mary jane booties. 

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