I might have a problem with overcommitting

Oh goodness. You know how I said Oliver's quilt was done? Um...not quite. I had some border issues. First I thought I would do a solid yellow border around it, to lengthen and widen it a bit. Except I didn't buy quite enough yellow, so I had this cute multi-colored dot fabric and I thought I would do a sort of easy edge alternating the two, cut into 6.5" squares. I finally got it all cut and sewn and decided it was way too busy and so I ripped it all out. That's right, I did! After working on this thing so long, there was no way I was going to settle for something that would drive me crazy every time I looked at it. Back to the fabric store went I, and came home with some lovely, simple, white Kona cotton. Much better. Crisp and clean.

The next step was to top quilt the bugger...I wanted to do a cool meandering kind of thing but alas, I lack the machine and the talent; I also lack the money to pay someone with those two magical ingredients, so I opted instead for a basic X through each square kind of thing, which works okay. I am not good at straight lines, but I did discover just in the nick of time that I own a walking foot, so no bunching fabric for me! Hurrah. I also found a 1/4" seam foot, which would have come in handy oh, about five months ago. Next time. 

I just cut and ironed my binding and I can't decide if I should just do it with the white thread even though I could go to the store and get some that matches better. I will probably just use the white. But I needed a quick break because my back hurts. Being home with two small children and being 32 weeks pregnant is no joke. And did I mention the obscenely hot, humid weather we have had for almost a week now? Seriously it makes me glad that my craft area is in the basement.

Lest you think my blog name is wrong, I have also been knitting. I made a few more flowered headbands for my friend Ali, am 2/3 of the way done with lion hats for my kids for the winter (SO stinking cute I can hardly stand it), and have a queue of like a million other projects. Okay, not a million, but here is a glimpse.

To knit--August:
  1. beanie w/ flowers for Ali (actually crocheted)
  2. earflap hat for Ali
  3. sundresses for Ali (yes, Ali owes me some rockin' photos in exchange!)
  4. pixie hat for Evelyn
  5. frog hat for Bjorn
To knit--September:
  1. new baby romper (and look at these adorable buttons I got. girly and boyish, just because I couldn't decide, don't know who this baby is yet, and I have a slight Etsy addiction)
  2. new baby photo shoot munchkin hat
  3. new baby photo shoot pixie hat
And then on my baby to-do sewing list:
  1. new wipes (about 40) (our old wipes are ones I made before Clara was born, so four years old now)
  2. repair bumGenius diaper velcro tabs (about 25 diapers worth)
  3. baby quilt. I already have all the material and I know, I may never want to quilt again! and Clara is already asking about HER future quilt...egads, good thing we are stopping at three children.
Seriously, do I have a problem!?


  1. PS Sorry there aren't any pictures on this post. Once I get the quilt done I will get photos up!

  2. girl, you do overcommit. But that's why I think you rock. Cute buttons!!! And I am so doing one of those pixie hats, too. Gilda

  3. I think you are normal - it comes with the territory! Every woman I have met (and the one guy) who knits or quilts or crochets has like 10 current projects and even more waiting to be started or waiting to be finished! My MIL has so many pieces of quilts (not yet put together) its crazy! My goal was never to become like that...but I still have a quilt I started from when I was pregnant with Nathan that I haven't sewn together...I just don't know what to do with it so it sits there... :-)

    And I hear you about borders. ARGH! the worst. And don't get me started on quilting...I have been trying to teach myself how to freehand (I bought the correct foot last fall) and I suck. its awful. I have a small project I want to do myself and make it look gorgeous and until I master it, alas, it shall never be done....