pictures as promised

This bad boy is d.o.n.e. Oh yeah. And I already washed and dried it to see how it quilted up. Lovely. Oliver seems to like it too. Of course, this means we now have to set up his big boy bed! Ack...not looking forward to that. It means more work at bedtime, that he is growing up, and that I will be having a baby soon.

Like my embroidery? I had bigger embroidery plans, but got lazy. The red backing is nice but I wish I had thought to use red thread in my bobbin so it would blend in better. Oh well.

I have had wicked bad insomnia this week so I am almost done with the new baby's quilt, too. Pictures of that next time!


  1. Great job! Looks like he's enjoying it! :)

  2. LOVE IT! Thank you for showing me and I'm so impressed that's your first quilt! You will always feel proud of that when you look at his bed everyday. :) -Allison

  3. very nice! Wanna make one for my bed? Thinking king-sized yet?