Simple Curtains

We are continuing our living room remodeling. The walls are now white instead of blue.

I had colorful, showy curtains all picked out, but then after the walls and trim got painted, I decided I liked the clean, simple look of the windows with nothing on them. Sorry I wasted so much time and energy on those first curtains, because they are not going up.

I had some muslin in my fabric stash and made simple roll-up shades for the windows instead. I had all the materials, so I just had to go buy two tension rods ($5 each) and I was set!

I used some of my vintage lace around the bottom for a hint of color, and some vintage trim as ties for when the shades are rolled up.

I love how tidy and simple it turned out. I might be turning into a minimalist in my old age. :)


  1. I swear having kids has made me appreciate the minimalist approach so much more. Their chaos is enough, gotta counterbalance with minimal decor.

  2. Mucho like. Simplicity is so peaceful.