Koala Ears

My daughter has been in Theater Camp all week, and last night was her big performance in their show, "Bear Hugs." She was in the group that performed the book Koala Lou. It's a cute story. Before the show, Clara had a freak out - "I NEED A KOALA COSTUME!! EVERYONE WILL BE WEARING ONE BUT ME!!" Gah. Way to freak a mom out! Since I wasn't about to whip up an entire costume or go shopping two hours before the show, we compromised on koala ears and a gray outfit. I think the ears turned out great. (And, by the way, she was the ONLY child in a koala costume. Go figure.)

I did a quick Google image search for koala costumes and found this one that I used for inspiration. I happened to have some gray and white knit fabric, and a gray headband I could use. I mimicked the ear shape and added stiff interfacing inside them so they wouldn't flop around. Then I made sure they were placed in the right spots (location is key in a koala mask!) and attached them to the headband.

Now she is asking to be a koala for Halloween - fine by me!

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