Little Boxes

You know what I hate? When bloggers take extended "breaks" from blogging. Don't they know that I love to read blogs? But alas I have gone and done that very thing. I have been sewing a lot. Honest. I just haven't been blogging at all. Sorry about that. I'll try my hardest to remedy that this fall, but truthfully I am feeling a bit overcommitted already.

School starts next week for my oldest (FIRST grade. I am going to miss her!) and the week after for my middle (3-day morning preschool). But I have agreed to a lot of volunteer posts this year, as well as going back to the U of M for my Masters in Literacy Education. Busy.

Anyway. I made boxes. Mostly to store bento lunch box supplies. The tutorial was very easy to follow. I skipped the handles and added a few stitches to the corners to help it keep its shape. Next time, I will add cardboard to the bottom between the fabric layers so it holds up better.

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