Coming Along Nicely

The little dress is coming along nicely. I did mess up one of the first lace repeats but it is in the back of the dress and hopefully not too noticeable. I am not starting over now, that's for sure. The pattern still bothers me to no end; incorrect stitch numbers, half-missing pattern repeats. It's driving me crazy. Hopefully the finished product will more than make up for the errors.

Today is a rainy day, perfect for knitting. Unfortunately, I have a cold, so it is also perfect for napping. We will see which option wins. I do have some Arrested Development, Season 3 to watch  tonight with knitting, a fire in the fireplace, a mug of tea. Sounds divine.

Next up on my queue, after the baby dress, booties, and (possibly, depending on amount of yarn left over) bonnet are finished, are a few of these beer sweaters. Seems like a great Christmas gift for the fam. (this is the stock picture, not ones I have knit)

After those are knit, it is on to another baby shower gift. My friends sure are procreating these days.

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