Winter Gear, Part I

Clara is very happy to have a new PINK hat and mittens for the winter. The Toasty Topper hat pattern from knitty.com is great--very easy to do and such a cute finished result. The mittens are from a pattern I found on Ravelry, called Extra-Toasty Toddler Mittens. I was going with the toast theme, apparently. The yarn is from my stash. It's pink tweed Peace Fleece from my diaper-cover-knitting days. A little scratchy, but I am planning on lanolizing it to make it softer. It will be super warm, that is for sure.

For Oliver's winter gear I am going to do the same hat, but I will have to wing it on the mittens. He has fat hands and Clara's don't even fit over his fingers.

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  1. so cute! and the yarn looks nice and soft (not itchy).