Ooh I am a tad bit

Annoyed. This cute, adorable little tunic/dress for a certain forthcoming baby girl is kind of a pain in the rear. The yarn is great, the dress is cute, but the author of the pattern makes the simplest instructions confusing. I don't like it. Give me straightforward and I will knit you the moon. Or something. I frogged the first ten rows three times. Finally, I just rewrote the pattern to my liking! Dang buttonholes, you don't have to be so complicated. It's coming along, and I hope to have it finished by this weekend so I can move forward with other projects. I have some sewing to do! 

I so wish I had a craft room with a proper sewing table and places for all my supplies. As it is right now, I have to store the sewing machine in the hall closet, pull it out, bring it to the dining room table, move the table so it can reach an outlet, and then get all my supplies from a separate closet. It is less than ideal. Someday maybe we can afford an addition and Craft Room will be on my list. As it is we are pretty maxxed out for space around here. 

I am not in a bad mood anymore, though. Everything is made better by small, satisfyingly squishy projects like these little hamsters.

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