I'm still making things. Sorry for the low post levels this summer. I'm busy! My kids and I are solo this week and we're packing it full of activities to keep our (my) sanity. I'm very thankful for grandparents and the relief they offer me!

I have a few half-finished things I have been working on in the long evenings after the kids go to bed. Some are for a baby shower, so I can't show you photos yet, but rest assured they are cute cute cute. I may have even made a few to sell in the shop. Stay tuned.

I have a swing top finished for Ruthie except the buttonholes. My machine decided it wants to eat fabric instead of creating buttonholes. I need to get it repaired. Maybe I will stop and get snaps for the top just to have it done. I have some little train shorts cut out for Oliver that I just need to sew together (easy), and then I have some curtains to finish up. Think I can do all that before Ben gets home on Saturday? I bet I can. The evenings are boring without him around.

In other news, I finally hit 15 pounds lost in my little weight loss adventure. Yay, me! I decided on a whim I am doing a sugar-free challenge for the next 10 days (June 20-30). Dangerous timing with being a single mother, too, but I think it will be good for me. If you want to join too, the sign up is here (one of the millions of blogs I follow).

June is half over now and yikes, didn't it just begin!?

(By the way - not a single photo in my post - WHAT! Sorry about that.)