Little Pillowcase Lace Shirt

I technically made this as a dress for Ruthie, but Clara saw it, gasped, and asked if she could keep it. It fits her perfectly as a shirt, so it's hers. Of course now she tells me it needs a flamingo on the front. Hmm, not so sure about that.

I used the sweet little dress pattern, but omitted the sleeves, making it a simple pillowcase dress. Then I just hemmed the armholes and added some lace at the bottom and through the top casing. Easy. All together it took about 30 minutes. The lace is from my pile of vintage notions, and the fabric is Kona cotton.

I also did a quick hem to some of Oliver's old pants to make them into shorts. That boy grows like a weed, and all of his pants that fit in the winter are now fitting like capris. Luckily, it's easy enough to chop them off and make them into shorts.

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