Blue Ribbon Worthy?

I think not, but maybe I'll get lucky. I decided to try my skills in the State Fair competition and made this little short-sleeved cardigan, size 3T.

Rainbow butterfly buttons from here. The yarn is Berroco Vintage, which is very soft and feels like merino, but is machine washable! I was going to sew some white trim on the bottom like in my elephant cardi, but I ran out of time.

It bugs me that one button is a little off. It's going to keep bugging me, most likely. Sigh.

The pattern is based on the Little Coffee Bean sweater, but I modified it to suit my liking and of course, made it bigger.

Last week, my sweetie and I went to Maine for a week to celebrate our  ten year wedding anniversary! It was glorious. Silent. Serene. (No kids invited.)

No second honeymoons now though; time to make that bridesmaid dress!

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  1. You are so talented! Maine looks amazing - glad you were able to have a getaway with Ben to celebrate 10 years!