a little late...elephant set...and the importance of blocking

This was from the start of the summer. I made it for a friend's benefit raffle. It turned out pretty cute! The hot pink ruffle is what 'makes' it, don't you think? I wish I knew the person who won it, so I could see photos of it in action. Maybe I will have to make another one.

The photo below is of the sweater before I blocked it. See how the elephants are all lumpy??

I cannot ever emphasize to other knitters enough--blocking will make your project look better! It is ALWAYS worth the time and effort, especially with lace or intarsia. BLOCK IT! It is really not difficult. You simply get the knit piece damp, and lay it flat on a towel to dry in the shape you want. So for this piece, I stretched the damp elephants a little before it dried so they didn't bunch. Easy peasy. And much better. (sideways picture...)