A Dress: in which I get intimate with my seam ripper

Oh boy. Making blankets is fun. Making kids clothes is all right. Making myself clothes...sucks. This dress had a few things I never made before. Pockets. Attached cuffs. Attached collar. I was really bad at all those things. I may have even skipped two out of the three. Let's just call it a learning experience and move on, shall we? (Maybe she needs a belt. She's pretty boring on her own. Maybe a ruffled pink something...somewhere. And that collar has GOT to change. It just plain sucks.)

After THAT, I switched to a faster, more satisfying project. A key fob.

This came in the mail. Well, the apple did. The mushrooms were already living on my shelf.

Oh, I love you, Little Apple Fabric and Little Mushroom Fabric and Little Mushroom Matching Ribbon. You will become Ruthie's first birthday dress. (Apple orchard theme! October baby.)

And the very next project: Look! What I found in my stash, just waiting for me to find it and squeal with delight. A perfect match!

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