The Perfect Day

One of my beliefs is that Thursday is the most perfect day of the week. It is a round day, a pleasant day, a nothing-can-go-wrong day. Tomorrow is Friday! Wednesday is over! (I hate Wednesdays.) Hooray for Thursday, the Perfect Day!

Once upon a time, I bought new dining room chair cushions. Trying to find a way to prevent my kids from immediately destroying them was hard. I tried an oilcloth cover over them, but it just didn't work. The kids were always tearing them off. Eventually, I resigned myself to stained cushions and took away the oilcloth. I made a bib instead. I also plan on making a cute bunting for the dining room. I know, buntings are SO last year. I am a little slow.

Banana muffins ('cuz it's Thursday!). Betty Crocker Cookbook, represent!

Attempt at "fancy" cookies, after finding this cute cookie on the Sweet Sugar Belle blog. Daisies in the middle of the circles. I have yet to do the hard part of adding frosting. I think I'll wait until the kids are asleep. Question: is meringue powder the same as powdered egg whites?

I have also been enjoying my bike this week. Every day I get out for a ride by myself. I love the Greenway and all the bike trails in my little town. Love. My bike is old--like from the 1970s. It has fenders and it squeaks. I am sure the professional bikers love seeing me coming. Ha. Wait! Did I say that my bike was old because it is from the 1970s? I retract that. Anything or person from the '70s is young. Young, I say!
(this is not my picture, but it is my bike!)